It’s 3:15…do you dare read this blog post? 2012

It’s a cold, rainy day in New York, and for frequent guest blogger Lauren Felsenstein, that’s the best time to curl up with a good book—or a scary story! Lucky for her (and all of you), Patrick Carman, author of the spooky interactive series Skeleton Creek (for ages 9-12) just released a brand new project called 3:15, and it’s putting a whole new twist on storytelling. Lauren got to talk with Nick Eliopulis, one of the amazing editors at Scholastic Press, and asked him to stop by OOM to introduce you to the fantastically creepy and fun 3:15. Take it away, Nick!

I always loved a good scare as a kid. And although Bloody Mary never appeared in the mirror no matter HOW many times I said her name, and even though the scritch-scratching at the back door wasn’t ever anything bigger than a possum, I’ve never completely given up on the idea that there are Things That Go Bump in the Night . . . and maybe, just maybe, those Things are coming for me.

I’m not sure if that makes me the best editor for 3:15, a series of short, spooky stories. I mean, it’s difficult to edit when you keep looking over your shoulder. But the kid in me is having a blast.

3:15 is the new series that invites you – or dares you, really – to listen to, read, and watch a chilling tale in 15 minutes or less. That’s right – reading is only part of the 3:15 experience. These are multimedia short stories crafted with your mobile device in mind. Check out the video trailer here!

Taking inspiration from urban legends, creature features, and campfire ghost stories, each episode begins with an audio introduction from our host, Paul Chandler. (And what’s the deal with that guy, anyway? Hm.) When you listen to the audio intro, you unlock the text. And the text tells the bulk of the story . . . until a cliffhanger that leads directly into a cinematic video conclusion.

Audio, text, video. It’s an entirely different way to experience a short story.

But what else would you expect from Patrick Carman? Aside from being an enormously talented writer, Pat is probably the most innovative guy in the business. Don’t take my word for it – see for yourself! Click here to download the app and check out the first story, Buried Treasure. (The first one’s free!)

And just for our OOM readers, we also have an exclusive excerpt below from 3:15’s second story Reflecting Pool, which will be available through the app on March 22nd. Read on!

Patrick Carman