Author Patrick Carman to help the Agros Foundation build more villages in Central America

SEATTLE – The Agros Foundation and Northwest authorPatrick Carman have joined forces in a special fundraising campaign tohelp build self-sustaining villages in Central America.

Agros will receive a $5 donation for each copy of Carman’s new book,The Dark Hills Divide, that is purchased through the web site,,at the regular price of $11.95.(To register the donation, please enterthe word “AGROS” in the comments field at the time of purchase.)

Founded in 1982, the Seattle-based non-profit organization currentlyassists seventeen developing communities in Central America and hashelped over 3000 people break free from poverty through land ownershipand technical assistance. The program acquires land for village sites,typically in war-torn regions, then transfers title to the formerly-landlessfamilies upon repayment of the loan. Agros also provides the necessaryfunds and assistance to build needed infrastructure, and brings inagricultural and other experts to assist communities in becomingself-sustaining by teaching them how to raise animals and crops thatcan be sold locally or on the world market. As an example, Agrosarranged for Seattle-based broker, Atlas Coffees, to purchase the entirecoffee harvest from a Guatemalan village of 82 families whose land hadbeen stolen from them in the early 1900s.

Carman, who lives in Walla Walla, is a long-time Agros supporter withhis wife, Karen. Both have made numerous trips to Central America to workat Agros villages and have been very involved in raising funds for aspecific new village in Nicaragua.

An ideal holiday gift for anyone who loved The Lord of the Rings,Harry Potter, or The Chronicles of Narnia, Carman’sThe Dark Hills Divide is the riveting first volume of The Landof Elyon trilogy, which sold over 170 copies within two weeks at oneNorthwest bookstore.

The Dark Hills Divide, which is set in a fantasy world in whichanimals can talk and enchanted stones can predict the future, centersaround 12-year-old Alexa, who has spent her entire life living behindthe three-story walls that surround the four villages that make up BridewellCommon. Even the roads between them are walled in, both protecting residentsfrom the unknown and preventing them from venturing out into the surroundingforests. When Alexa’s dear friend, Bridewell’s founder, suddenly dies, shefinds a mysterious key that will lead her into a secret world where shediscovers that a plot is underway to destroy the villages.

Young readers will love this lush story, which is filled with mystery,intrigue, endless surprises and moral questions that are relevant to theirown lives.

The Dark Hills Divide is a wonderful gift for the young readers inyour life. Order your copies now at www.LandOfElyon.comto ensure that your books are delivered in time for Christmas.

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