Elliot’s Park - First chapter books

Meet Elliot and all his friends! Elliot is a very smart squirrel who loves to solve any problem he finds.His best friend Chip is a hilarious klutz. He’s gotten into some interesting scrapes and trouble, including a celebrated encounter with the monkey bars in which one of his two abnormally large front teeth was broken. Crash is the only flying squirrel in the park. She’s just visiting from England, but it doesn’t look like she’s leaving any time soon! Then there’s Twitch, Elliot’s sister. She’s good at finding things, especially her favorite sugary drink — soda pop. Back to all books

Saving Mr. Nibbles
While climbing the forbidden cliffs of Atherton, Edgar discovers the first of many startling revelations to come: the three realms of Atherton are beginning to collapse. The humble grove that is his home, the mysterious highland reaml of untold beauty, and the vast wasteland below, where a monstrous danger lurks, are about to be joined. Atherton is not what it seems. Currently out of print, check Amazon for used copies.

The Haunted Hike
Atherton has collapsed and a new danger is on the rise. The process of inversion has begun, and the Highlands, the center of Atherton, are sinking. Dr. Kincaid, Vincent and Edgar make their way towards the edge of the Highlands, intent on entering a secret underground refuge to find the key to unlocking Dr. Harding’s brain. They must discover how to overcome the threat of the deadly Cleaners, creatures unleashed on the flattened land, before it’s too late. But this refuge holds more secrets than anyone could have imagined. Currently out of print, check Amazon for used copies.

The Walnut Cup
Even though Edgar’s mission to save his home has been accomplished, he still restlessly scales the interior crevices of Atherton, searching for clues about the Dark Planet. He was warned never to go back, but at the encouragement of Dr. Kincaid and Vincent, Edgar discovers the Raven, an incredible way to return to the fallen Earth. It’s up to Edgar to save two worlds, and time is running out. Currently out of print, check Amazon for used copies.

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