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FIZZOPOLIS III available now!

In this new Fizzy adventure, Harold Fuzzwonker and his best good buddy, Floyd, find Fizzopolis in a state of emergency. No Fuzzwonker Fizz! Only one villainous and crummy candy family could have stolen it: the Snoods. Harold and Floyd go on their wildest mission yet and must rescue all the Fuzzwonker Fizz bottles to save Fizzopolis. Burps everywhere are counting on them!

Praise for the series:
“Fizzopolis bubbles over with belly burps-and belly laughs.”
— Tom Watson, New York Times bestselling author of the Stick Dog series

“Carman’s wacky words and Sheesley’s loony artwork go together like soda pop and belches!”
— Jim Benton, New York Times bestselling author of the Franny K. Stein and Dear Dumb Diary seriesFizzopolis book III cover

The Land of Elyon Trilogy, Now an Omnibus Edition

The Land of Elyon trilogy is now available in an omnibus edition – 660 pages of adventure. If you like a big book, this edition is for you. Here are links for the entire Elyon collection:

Land of Elyon trilogy in one volume:

The Dark Hills Divide:
Beyond the Valley of Thorns:
The Tenth City:
Into the Mist:

Elyon banner

Mr. Gedrick and Me COVER REVEAL!

COVER REVEAL! Mr. Gedrick and Me from Harper Collins will be out this fall, but the cover was just finalized the other day. Very excited about it! Stanley Darrow’s family is falling apart, until a mysterious and magical manny arrives to put things back together again. My favorite kind of story: big heart, lots of laughs, and mysterious goings on. Stay tuned for release date. Middle grade, ages 9-12.


Fizzopolis II is out!

If you like big adventures, lots of laughs, and being chased by cheese zombies, Floozombies is for you! Join Harold and Floyd in their latest story – see you on the inside!

Fizzopolis book 2 cover

From one to five to five at once

As my kids edge towards career age, I’ve been thinking a lot about work. There’s a momentum that everyone entering or already in the workforce should think about as they prepare and pivot.

My parents generation often worked one or two jobs for their entire adult lives. My generation (I’m 50 now) work an average of five different jobs. Millennials work five jobs at the same time.

This might sound exhausting – five jobs at once? – but it’s really no harder, it’s just different. Millennials are (or must be) more entrepreneurial than previous generations. So five things at once could be a part time job, plus designing and writing or programming on the side, and crafting something they sell on the weekend. And probably working with some friends on a start up in the middle of all this.

People entering the workforce now are already multitasking genius’s, so it’s not a leap to pull off this kind of life. It’s normal. And the reality is, this is what it will take for many of them to find a fulfilling, sustainable work life.

I’ve already changed and followed the flow. I write books, I work in Hollywood on TV scripts and screenplays and producing projects, I design packaging and marketing material, and I’m working on two start up companies. Bonus, I’m more fulfilled than I’ve ever been. The shift from one job to five to doing five at once is challenging, exciting, and best of all – you’re always learning new things.

Where do you fall on this spectrum? I wonder if, even if you have one job, it’s really five. Today’s employers expect employees to have highly diverse skill sets. Listen up newbies! Be great at many things and you’ll fit into the new economy just fine.

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