Parrick Carman is not touring at this time, but will be again soon! Check back for upcoming event notifications.



  1. Nicole Miranda says:

    Hello Mr. Carman, I have a quiestion. Will you ever come to Peru? I mean, for a tour or something. I´d love to see you here and talk about the Voyagers´ series.

  2. Julie Stutts says:

    Hi Mr. Carman,
    It has taken some prodding for sure, but my son has become a stellar reader. He is urging me to order Quake, as the local library and bookstore do not carry it. He enjoys books that are in a series and yours is a top hit. I’m just curious if you ever do any speaking engagements at schools or book signings. I looked at your events page and do not see anything listed. I (briefly) read your background and was so impressed by your success. Please, please, please let me know if you’re ever near North Carolina. Thanks so much! Keep writing!

  3. Dawn Thomson says:

    Mr. Carman, I am using Floors as a read-aloud to my 3rd grade students. They have fallen in the love with the book and are very excited about the next 2 in the series. One of my students suggest we write you persuasion letters to convince you to turn this book into a children’s movie. Where might I mail the letters? Thanks!

  4. Jolie says:

    Hello Patrick Carmen. I just finished your first book, Pulse. I was wondering if you are doing any events in California. I just saw that you were going to a middle school in Arkansas and I would really like to know if you are, by any chance, going to Los Angles, California. Thank you for writing such great book. Your dedication is appreciated.

  5. keely says:

    hi Patrick carman. you came to my school once and i had the best time ever, but i will be moving in march. and the bad part is, in April my school is going to library thing where we can by and get books sign and i wanted to get the second book on “pulse” and get it sigh. but as i said before i movie in march. is there anyway i could find out when you will be in Dallas or when the second book comes out. thanks for every thing!


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