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  1. Peyton says:

    I love skeleton creek. My friend told me she met someone who helps you make the videos. She said that you are writing a new series in Sarah’s point of view and it is coming out on Monday. I am not sure if she is lying or not. Also it would be totally awesome if you came to a library by me or my school Bedford park. It would be a dream come true. Love Peyton

  2. Soleil Baptiste says:

    When will there be a pulse #2 its my favorite book i just want to know

  3. tina penland says:

    Just spent a most enjoyable evening with my son Ty at the Milton Freewater library where we met you. Afterwards he was so excited that he raced over to his cousin Pua’s to tell her all about it. She now wants to read your books. Thank you for the encouragement. You gave us a memory to last a life time.

  4. zumba says:

    I love your books exbesholi 3:15

  5. zumba says:

    I love your books I’m a big fan

  6. DeAnn says:

    I thought I saw that you were coming to Salem, OR? Did I miss it? Want to tell all of the children at Myers because they adore your books.


  7. keely bryan says:

    today he you went to my school Luna middle school. i was so happy i did my very best so you could come, i glad i did. you pick names to get a free book of pulse. sadly i think you just picked at the top and i saw there was only 8th graders all the sixth grader was upset. but im glad you came. i wish i could go get my book sign but i cant go :*( oh well, im glad you came, thank you for coming. me and my friends are never going to use are stickers you sign for us. thanks.

  8. Emma Du Bose says:

    I Have loved all of your books especially The Atherton series! I got my Whole family hooked! I want to thank you for all of your talent you have shared with the world. You are a great fiction writer(my favorite genre)! Love your books. Did star in the video for the Atherton series?

  9. Tamara says:

    can you travel to new hampshire?

  10. Gabriel says:

    When will you be coming to Portland, Oregon?

  11. Mr. Carman,

    I wanted to take a moment and tell you that one of my students is now writing an interactive journal, similar to the Skeleton Creek Series. It’s the first book this year that this young man has latched onto a book. Thanks for such a good series for my reluctant readers!

  12. isidro avila says:

    when are you coming to chicago

  13. S. Breen says:

    When will you becoming to Nashville, Tennessee?

  14. leandra beers says:

    Hello I just wanted to say that Thirteen Days to Midnight should totally become a movie, and should it become a movie I’m sure to be there.

  15. leandra beers says:

    Hey Mr.Carman I just wanted to say I loved your book Thirteen Days to Midnight. I hope you can visit Las Vegas so I can meet you.

  16. banana girl says:

    i love this book it is sooooooooooooooo cool

  17. Anonymous says:

    When will u com to MD

    • patrick_#1fan says:

      I want to show you my story Mr.Patrick.I did at school and I was hoping you were going to come at laurel MD.I wonder if you could come to our school.I ‘m hoping you will!!!

  18. Gabrielle says:

    ghost in the machie is a very good book i loved it!!!!!!!!!

  19. The Unknown says:

    I wish he would go here in Colorado Springs!
    -My Opinion, Sincerly, THE UNKNOWN

  20. phantom says:

    if i had 10 thumbs , I’ll raise them high for you!!! xDDD

  21. SamuelTurn says:

    Are you going to be anywhere near Chicago?

  22. Ethan says:

    Why no where near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania ?

  23. sean says:

    u the best author EVER!!!!!!!!!

  24. emily says:

    i graduated from 8th grade this year and every 1 got DVDs of our time n middle school. i live n iola kansas. so i was wachen the DVD recently and guess who i saw. i saw u when u came 2 our school. 2 bad there was only 1 pic. but still i read the 1st book n the atherton series an i was hooked after that ( we have somthin called the Iola Reads and Atherton: The House of Power was the Iola Reads. i was n 6th when u came an now i love ur books. ur a great author! u rock!!!! XD


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