Parrick Carman is not touring at this time, but will be again soon! Check back for upcoming event notifications.



  1. darin says:

    can you come to perry michgan?

  2. inca says:

    when you translate the other books into Spanish?

    • PatrickCarman says:

      Unfortunately, I don’t get to decide when books are translated into Spanish. Keep an eye on Spanish Amazon, they’re often the first to have translations! PC

  3. Drew says:

    Will you come to Bend Oregon again? I am a big fan of your work, and Bend had a great time when you were here for the release of Skeleton Creek (You went to the Barnes and Noble on the East side of town)

  4. Minh Tran says:

    I saw you when you were on the tour foe 13 days to midnight.

  5. Minh Tran says:

    Please come to Houston Texas. The closest bookstore is Champion B&N. I met you.

  6. Aaron Bingham says:

    i was wondering if you would be back in Canton GA any time soon

  7. Tabitha Colon says:

    Mr. Carman, I am now reading the 3rd book in the Skeleton Creek series and I LOVE it!!!! I love the idea of linking movie clips together with each chapter…that is soooo cool!! How did you come up with that? LOL Please come to NYC, we love you here. You just became my new and best author ever!!! Thank you…oh and my grandmother has pre-ordered the 4th book; “the raven”. Yay, I’m so excited.

  8. you need to come too conway or enola arkansa.Your my favorit author.My fav was skeloton creeks serises

    • Valentin says:

      Hello, I would like to know if you will come to france, for autographs for example for “Le vol du miretoiles” release ? I thank you in advance.

  9. Alison says:

    Mr. Carman have you every been to Canda for a book signing or book promotion?

  10. Maddy says:

    Mr. Carman, when you go on tour again, you should come to either Sacramento or San Francisco, CA. I would love to meet you. I love The Land of Elyon so much, and a kid I babysit loves 39 Clues.

  11. Cassie says:

    also: i love the land of Elyon series too! you did a very good job! I read the Percy Jackson series and i started writing a book….. but i just couldn’t NOT want to write something like that!

  12. Cassie says:

    Hey! i was at your book signing today (Thrusday May 20, 2010) and i just wanted to say thanks (again)!
    I was the one with green converses and you signed a book to Mrs. Hill! You also told my mom she was very brave to go to a book signing with a baby.

  13. Caroline says:

    Hey Patrick! I just wanted to let you know that, although I like skeleton creek, I think the Land of Elyon series is your best work. I think it would be in your best interest to write more fantasy books like those. I’m about to turn 15 and I still love picturing myself running around Elyon with the Warvolds, Alexa, and, of course, Murphy the squirrel 😀 Oh, and I think you should write another Land of Elyon book. One where Alexa is more grown up and she (hopefully!) has feelings for Marco. I mean, she caught the bouquet Matilda threw at her wedding. SOMETHING has to happen between her and Marco. It’s not very nice to leave all your romance fans hanging you know. *nod nod*

  14. bebe says:

    where is milton freewater at???

  15. bebe says:

    hey leslie was milton freewater at??

  16. bebe says:

    hi i was wandering if you were coming to baker city OR any time soon????

  17. Mark says:

    Hello sir. If by any chance you are reading this, I would just absolutely love if the creator of a man as genius as Dr. Harding would maybe schedule an event in San Antonio, TX sometime soon.


  18. Leslie says:

    i didnt make that clear enough i meant to say that to dwan:)

  19. Dawn says:

    hi my class just read the skeleton creek books for class and they were awesomely scary!!
    i was wondering if maybe you would ever come to maine? we would love to meet (or see) you! Huge and scared 🙂 fan!!!!!

  20. Leslie says:

    hi my name is leslie and yes im the girl who sent you the last three messages i live in milton freewater OR ive only seen u once and iwas wondering if u will be some place in wa wa

  21. STEVE McCormick says:

    Will you be making any visits to the Chicago IL. area any time soon?

    • Erin Meyer says:

      Hi Steve,
      I’m not sure where in Chicago you live, but Patrick Carman will be here at Barnes & Noble in Merrillville, IN on Friday, March 19th from 4:00-6:30pm. It’s not too far from Chicago.

  22. Hello! I am a K-12 Librarian in Turkey and I am interested in participating in a Skype virtual author visit. Our school celebration of Library Week is March 29-April 2. We could arrange a time early in the morning, late evening for you or early morning for you, late afternoon for us. Our students can be reluctant to read at a higher level in English but they have attacked the 39 Clues books and cannot put them down. Yeah! I would love a type of talk about books, reading, why it’s important, what you are doing, why you’re an author, etc. Something to reinforce that reading takes you places and the possibilities reading opens. The primary audience would be grades 4-6, about 85 students. Our students tend to be reading about 2 grades below native speakers. I’m happy to provide more details and discuss options. This would be such a great opportunity for our school as we are running a focused reading/literacy campaign this year and they’ve never done something like this before.


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