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  1. Dawn Thomson says:

    Mr. Carman, I am using Floors as a read-aloud to my 3rd grade students. They have fallen in the love with the book and are very excited about the next 2 in the series. One of my students suggest we write you persuasion letters to convince you to turn this book into a children’s movie. Where might I mail the letters? Thanks!

  2. Jolie says:

    Hello Patrick Carmen. I just finished your first book, Pulse. I was wondering if you are doing any events in California. I just saw that you were going to a middle school in Arkansas and I would really like to know if you are, by any chance, going to Los Angles, California. Thank you for writing such great book. Your dedication is appreciated.

  3. keely says:

    hi Patrick carman. you came to my school once and i had the best time ever, but i will be moving in march. and the bad part is, in April my school is going to library thing where we can by and get books sign and i wanted to get the second book on “pulse” and get it sigh. but as i said before i movie in march. is there anyway i could find out when you will be in Dallas or when the second book comes out. thanks for every thing!


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