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  1. Cameron says:

    alright the last book password of skeleton creak just the last part of the video scared me so much maybe there will be more books of the series like……they go back to skeleton creak and they demolish it and whatever that thing is gets demolished with skeleton creak!

  2. david says:

    Thank you for righting the book,i am in the first chapter.I like it:)

  3. Kira says:

    Your favorite book is Mr. Gedrick And Me RIGHT

  4. Bennett says:

    Hi Mr. Carman, I just recently finished reading your series, The Voyagers, that you wrote with a bunch of other authors and I thought it was fantastic! It was so fun down to every detail and this could be huge if it were to come to maybe a TV show or a series of movies? I think you would make a killing on that and everybody would love to watch those! Another idea is making a sequel to the voyagers? Maybe about later in their lives and when Chris comes back to earth for their help with his planet for something? I think these ideas would work great and I hope you do too! I love your books and make sure to keep on writing!

  5. Sally says:

    My 6 year old nephew LOVES reading and has really enjoyed this book series. He is far and above his class in reading and enjoys scary stuff. He read most of the Goosebumps books when he was 4 and 5 and has not gotten into these. Thanks for the creative and fun books!

  6. Katrina Grant says:

    I would love to have a teachers guilds to go along with a Dark Eden. Thanks.

  7. Jacob I. says:

    Pleeeeeaaaassse! bring back trackers! on the second book it left us at a huge cliff hanger.
    please finish the series.

  8. Jashee says:

    Is skeleton creek real?

  9. bill says:

    I love skeleton creek soooo much it is one of my favorites

  10. Aj Phaneuf says:

    I just finished the books (not the videos though) and they’re GREAT!

  11. river says:

    will there ever be a movie from the Pulse Trilogy? i really enjoyed the books and think a movie about them would be great.

  12. Terry Shaw says:

    My daughter and I just finished the Floors novels again – we have read them (twice) and listened to them numerous times. Wonderful and fun! I have heard rumors that this is being made into a film – is that true? I would love to see that. Also these would be PHENOMENAL games (a la Lego Dimensions worlds).

  13. Ana says:

    Hi!! I am in middles school and my class or the whole grade level is reading your book Skeleton Creek! We love it! But we are almost done with the book. When we watched the videos it put a whole another level to the book. On theraven my class was a little spooked but they ask to watch it again and again everyday. Thank you for writing this book and we can’t wait to read book 2!

  14. Giovanni Valentine says:

    Hey, Mr. Carmen I Was Still Wondering If There Is Going To Be Another Book In The Skeleton Creek Book Series. I’ve Been Reading Since 4th Grade At Franklin Elementary. The Books Are Great, The Videos Are Amazing And Scary, My Personal Favorite Video Is When Sarah Finds The Doctor Dead In His Own House And Old Joe Bush/Henry Was In The Window.

  15. Oscar says:

    PLEASE RELEASE BOOK SIX PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Suzi says:

    My son is in the 5th grade and I have been unable to find any books to grab out at him. Since he brought home the Skeleton Creek book he has been crazy with excitement. He got to the first video and is running around insisting I order the collection..He read 75 pages today and was reading whenever he got a chance at school… Thank you so much for bringing the joy of reading to him.

  17. me says:

    wow… floors is epic…

  18. whistle boss says:

    i am going to bachelors grove cemetery soon with my friend, and we are ghost hunters which i feel this will be very interesting and if i dont make it back please give me some credit or something like that for being a die hard fan for your skeleton creek books and i do see ghosts alot

  19. me says:


  20. Anna says:

    You should make a fourth pulse book they are so amazing

  21. Jordan says:

    yo yo yo I have not even read the book, dis is so scary just looking at the videos bro!! my friend has the book, she told me to look up the websites and she also said they were soo scary she, was, so, right!!

  22. Jack Mahone says:

    Skeleton Creek is one one of my favorite book series. I will tell you why because I am on the third book, “The Crossbones”. Why it is my favorite series is because it keeps on getting more suspenseful through out the books. Another reason I love this series is because other horror books don’t have this type of quality and that type of quality is being realistic. It so realistic because Ryan McCray the main character is a 15 year old boy who has scary thoughts of what could be roaming in his room around him any time at night. Another reason why this is book is very realistic is because he is just the average boy who has a friend and tries to solve mysteries. Thank you Patrick Carman for making this wonderful series.

  23. Jade says:

    I love your books but they scary me half to death. I like to be scared is it true that the dredge is real. Is it really burned down. How far is it from Fort Erie. I want to go. Are the ghosts real in there?

    • Hayden says:

      i want to go too. there are legends that someone died on the dredge but it was not burned down to my knowledge. patrick cartman said in the trailer that there was a legend about ghosts on the dredge

  24. I’ve just started reading skeleton creek & I think it’s amazing i have always loved horror at a realy young age & although it wasn’t a spooky as I though I still loved the adventure i got from reading it. I’m looking forward to reading some more

  25. Cameron bingley says:

    You are my favorite writter when I started reading floors you change my hole point of life


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