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  1. Caiden Smith and Nick Barrett says:

    We love the Skeleton Creek books. We suggest that you make a movie.
    Reason#1 is that you all ready made the videos in the books so a movie won’t be so hard. Reason#2 EVERY one will love your movie it will pay you A LOT!!!!! P.S. If you need any help call 717-846-6789 tell the school to call for Caiden Smith and Nick Barrett! Please give feedback!

  2. Christopher Lamb says:

    We are currently reading the first Skeleton Creek to a group of 50 year 5
    and 6 students in Wodonga, Australia and they are totally enthralled. It
    has been great to see some of our more reluctant readers fully engage with
    the text and are already asking our librarian to order the rest of the

    Hoping to book in a Skype session with you if at all possible between now
    and the end of our school year (December 14).


  3. Heather Wilke says:

    Hi Patrick,

    I am an 8th Grade Language Arts and Literature teacher that is using Skeleton Creek as a read aloud this year. I am very excited to pilot the novel with the students. They are going to love the plot, videos, investigation into passwords, but most of all…the suspense. We would love to set up a time to Skype with you. Does sometime around mid-to late November (before Thanksgiving) work for you? We can work around your availability of course. It would be such an authentic and empowering experience for the students to have the chance to hear from a famous author! Thanks so much in advance.

    Heather W.
    Crystal Lake,

  4. shane says:

    I am confused. I want to find these books for my daughter. Is there a difference between the novels and the journals? For example, there is Skeleton Creek and there is Skeleton Creek Ryan’s Journal. What is the difference if any? Also, the videos are online and you get the links and passwords throughout the story correct? No additional disc or software required?

    • PatrickCarman says:

      Those are the same books with a different title – there are a total of six Skeleton Creek books. And the videos are online, no extra stuff needed – just go to the links provided in the book. Read on!

  5. Hi Mr. Carman,
    I have some thank you cards that my students made after your visit here in Boise. Do you have a “snail mail” address where I may send them? You were an awesome speaker and I can’t thank you enough for coming to our school.
    Thank you,
    Angela Kerber
    Monroe Elementary, Boise


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