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Everyone has a heartbeat. Few have the pulse.

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With the help of her mysterious classmate Dylan Gilmore, Faith Daniels discovers she can move objects with her mind. This telekinesis ability is called a “pulse,” and Dylan has the talent, too.

In riveting action scenes, Faith demonstrates her ability to use her pulse against a group of telekinesis masters who are so powerful they can flatten their enemies by uprooting streetlights, throwing cars, and changing the course of a hurtling hammer. But even with her unusual talent, the mind – and the heart – can be difficult to control. If Faith wants to join forces with Dylan and save the world, she’ll have to harness the power of both.

Patrick Carman’s PULSE trilogy is a stunning, action-filled triumph about the power of the mind – and the power of love.



Tremor, the second book in bestselling author Patrick Carman’s Pulse trilogy, is filled with more action-packed scenes and romance. Tremor will excite fans of I Am Number Four and The Maze Runner with its richly developed characters and electrifying story of love and revenge.

In the year 2051, some people have a second pulse. Like all who have “the pulse,” Faith Daniels and Dylan Gilmore have telekinetic powers—they can move objects with their minds. But there are five second pulses in the world who have an even greater power: They are virtually indestructible. Both Faith and Dylan have the second pulse. As Dylan executes a plan to infiltrate enemy grounds, he’ll have to face his only weakness—and a family secret that will threaten his very existence.

Pittacus Lore

Praise for PULSE: “Compelling and original, with pulse-pounding action and a poignant love story.”

James Dashner

Praise for PULSE: “Impressive! Fascinating and thought-provoking.”



Faith Daniels and Dylan Gilmore have a special ability called a pulse: they can move things with their minds. They’re caught in the middle of a deadly war with two other pulses: Clara and Wade Quinn, who have joined forces with Hotspur Chance, the most wanted man in the world. Outnumbered, it will take more than Faith’s and Dylan’s pulses to save them—it will take a miracle.

But this isn’t just about the States anymore; it is about finishing what they started. In a series of hair-raising battles, they discover an even greater strength: the power of their combined love. Together, Faith and Dylan might just be able to save the world with a quake that is big enough to change the course of history.


  1. DashMasterYT says:


  2. JEFF UR BOI says:


  3. jacob sims says:

    and a moive would be really cool to

  4. jacob sims says:

    i love the books i read thum all 78 time i would love a book 4

  5. Faith says:

    Ok! I’m practically dying. I just finished the second book and I cant get this story out of my head! All I want is to read the next one but I cant find it anywhere! This book is the only thing I can think about, help.

  6. I honestly love this series. It has has had me an emotional wreck…. I am excited to finish the series and see what happens and where everything goes. I can’t wait to see the end!!!! I am very impressed with the authors work. Iam going to read all his books if I can.

  7. Ayanna Palmer says:

    Okay, can I just say that this is the most underappreciated series ever?! It’s simply flawless, the plot, the setting, the characters, everything!! And yet, when I searched for “Pulse fanfiction” on Google, nothing came up! Same for fanart! Now, I’m not the best artist, but I promise I’m going to change the fanfiction aspect! Just as soon as it’s listed as a fandom on fanfiction.net… -_-
    Anyway, keep doing what you’re doing, man! You’re awesome, love you~

  8. Wattpad'sPHarmony says:

    Hello, I am PeacfulHarmony from wattpad. I don’t normally like paper books, but these books caught my eyes. I’m only on pulse but I intend to read the 2nd and 3rd books.I love pulse’s plot mainly at the thought of in the first quarter it seems like the blurb is from another book. But that’s my opinion. Lots of love, PHarmony

  9. Muriel says:

    Ok, I am legit obsessed with this trilogy, and have read all 3 books, 3 TIMES! They absolutely need to make this trilogy into a movie series, I know the movie cannot be nearly as good as the books, but I want to actually see the action and the characters, not just visualize all of it. Anyone else who thinks that they should make a movie out of the trilogy reply to this comment!

  10. A big fan says:

    I lovathis series. A number 4 would be awesome.

  11. Alexis says:

    A book 4 would be amazing… 🙂

  12. Alexis says:

    Is there going to b a book 4, that would be really cool if there was one.

  13. Elijah Holmes says:

    pulse series, it’s okay….but that’s probably because i started on Tremor, instead of pulse because i thought it was the first book, so as you can imagine i was confused but like +serenity ” I have decided to choose your book,” The Tremor, “for ‘Bloom’s Taxonomy Book Report’ and i’am so glad i did.” because now i want to read the next book. (Quake Book #3)

  14. Serenity says:

    I know I am just another fan posting yet another comment on your website but your series is truly stunning. Recently, I have decided to choose your book, The Pulse, for an independent reading assignment and I am so glad that I did. Your series is definitely one of the best book series I have read recently. Thank you so much for making this series, I’m sure it has changed many other individuals views, just as it changed my perspective on the world.

  15. Ethan mewhirter says:

    Are you going to make a fourth pulse book

  16. jennnifer says:

    pulse is an amazing book !!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  17. Caroline says:

    I read the second book in french (Sorry for my english by the way) and in french they have an error. I dont Know if is the same thing in english but the Universal donnor is not o+ but o-.
    I love your book and i looked forward to reading the third.

  18. Jayvon Lipscomb says:

    when will the next book quake be coming out I cant wait. this is my favorite book trilogy.

  19. mya says:

    pulse an amazing thriller that keeps u on edge
    its one of those books that seem so real that u try do the things ur self

  20. hemainfernallove says:

    love it!!! when is quake coming out

  21. Cristina says:

    This is amazing and I am just reading the first book: PULSE. It has already gotten me and pulled me into the book. It’s an amazing book, and I wish more people would make these types of books. I wonder how good the second book is.

    • Faith says:

      Oh its way more intense. I think I like the second one more (because I read it twice in 1 day..hehe) but yeah youll love it

  22. Samantha says:

    I REALLY love this trilogy, I can’t wait to read Quake.


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