Charlie had his chocolate factory. Stanley Yelnats had his holes. Leo has the wacky, amazing Whippet Hotel.

The Whippet Hotel is a strange place full of strange and mysterious people. Each floor has its own quirks and secrets. Leo should know most of them – he is the maintenance man’s son, after all. But a whole lot more mystery gets thrown his way when a series of cryptic boxes are left for him . . . boxes that lead him to hidden floors, strange puzzles, and unexpected alliances. Leo had better be quick on his feet, because the fate of the building he loves is at stake . . . and so is Leo’s own future!


  1. NYGiantsRock says:

    Amazing book series!! Love using your book for book reports and projects! Just had a Quick question, in what city is the Whippet hotel located?

  2. Lillie says:

    How many boxes did they find again?๐Ÿ˜
    And what colours were they? In order!!!

  3. Sophia Dasse says:

    I mean its better than most of the books I’ve read and I’m going to read the next book for sure!!

  4. stephanie says:

    I loved the whole series but you really need to write a forth the way you ended it was so not cool and extremely unfair but I love it none the less and you are an amazing author cant wait for more books of yours to come out.

  5. Angie says:

    I loved, loved, loved it! This was an amazing book that explores the adventures of Leo. I would like to recommend this book to everyone I know. I am sure they’ll love it.

  6. Gurleen says:

    This is great and I am reading it for the Reading Link Challenge!!!:)

  7. panda says:

    amazing I have read the books multiple times and its an adventure every time

  8. Eva says:

    the book is great

  9. Eva says:

    The book floors is really good

  10. Mariah Brice says:

    This is my favorite book! Tysm for writing this! Floors is awesome!

  11. Bob McJoe says:

    Great book! Love it!

  12. Addie says:

    Thank you so much for writing Floors Patrick Carman! It was my first fiction series and it started me on the path to more books! If I ever need a book to read I will go straight to Floors! I just wanted to let everyone know how great it is! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. faryal says:

    floors is an amazing book! Patrik Carman should win the nobel prize for literature!

  14. Riley Hampton says:

    Your book was fantastic

  15. ben says:

    AWESOME book. I have mine with the old cover

  16. Lilly says:

    Best book I ever read!

  17. sara says:

    I am currently reading floors and it is amazing it really got me attached because when you stop reading you want to read more

  18. Amy Boykin says:

    I was required to read this book for a college class. It was very interesting and I enjoyed it. I began to tell one of my 6 little girls about some things in the book. My 5th grade daughter can not wait for me to get through so she can read it. She said “Oh, that is so cool, don t tell me any more and I want to read it.” I hope you continue writing interesting books for our children to read to expand their imaginations!

  19. Josh says:

    I love Floors, it is the book that got me into reading!
    I really hope that they make a 4th book.


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