Elliot’s Park



Meet Elliot and all his friends! Elliot is a very smart squirrel who loves to solve any problem he finds.His best friend Chip is a hilarious klutz. He’s gotten into some interesting scrapes and trouble, including a celebrated encounter with the monkey bars in which one of his two abnormally large front teeth was broken. Crash is the only flying squirrel in the park. She’s just visiting from England, but it doesn’t look like she’s leaving any time soon! Then there’s Twitch, Elliot’s sister. She’s good at finding things, especially her favorite sugary drink — soda pop.

  • ep_01_SavingMrNibbles

    Saving Mr. Nibbles

    Mister Nibbles has been captured and taken to the yellow house across the street from Elliot’s Park! Squirrels aren’t meant to live indoors (not even stuffed ones like Mister Nibbles), so Elliot and his friends come up with a plan to rescue their new friend. Can Elliot, Crash, Chip, and Twitch save Mister Nibbles before it’s too late?

  • ep_02_hauntedHike_small

    Haunted Hike

    It’s Halloween in Elliot’s Park and the squirrels are all in costume, ready for some trick-or-treating fun. But when Elliot, Chip, Twitch, and the rest of the gang think they see a ghost in Camp Canyon, there’s a frightful mystery to be solved. Can Elliot and his friends figure out who is haunting the park before something scary happens and still have time to trick-or-treat?

  • ep_03_theWalnutCup_small

    The Walnut Cup

    The Walnut Cup, the only American stop on the World Squirrel Soccer League tour, is taking place in Elliot’s park this year! Teams are arriving from around the globe and excitement’s running high. But when nut-crazy Pistachio steals the game ball (a perfectly round walnut), it’s up to Elliot and the rest of the gang to get it back. Only trouble is, Pistachio is hiding out on an island in the middle of the pond and Wilma the goose has got her eye on the ball.


  1. Charlie Gill says:

    I love the Elliot’s Park series. When will The Windy Tale be published?

  2. […] new friend. Can Elliot, Crash, Chip, and Twitch save Mister Nibbles before it’s too late? (from Patrick Carman website) Happy Reading and Happy Fourth of July!  SSPP Reads will post August 1.  Graphic from […]

  3. Atinkof2 says:

    My children and I have been hoping and praying for a new and exciting addition to this series of books. Are there anymore in the near future! Please say Yes!
    My 8 and 3yr old love them! (As do I)


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