The Land of Elyon Trilogy, Now an Omnibus Edition

The Land of Elyon trilogy is now available in an omnibus edition – 660 pages of adventure. If you like a big book, this edition is for you. Here are links for the entire Elyon collection:

Land of Elyon trilogy in one volume:

The Dark Hills Divide:
Beyond the Valley of Thorns:
The Tenth City:
Into the Mist:

Elyon banner


  1. Ayv says:

    Patrick, I have read th land of elyon series twice already and I intend to read it again and again until I remember it word for word. I am paranoid with love for your book and will continue to be paranoid until you write another! I don’t think you should have and ending book, I think that you should just keep going until Alexa makes it to the Tenth City. And then keep going through her journey into the Tenth City. These are my thoughts and if you made them happen I would be thrilled. Thank you.🙂

    • PatrickCarman says:

      What a great note to get! So glad you enjoy the series. I think there will be more Elyon books, hopefully in the next few years. I’m planning on going back there soon. Have a great day!


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