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It’s a big day for Skeleton Creek fans. I’ve been secretly working on three new projects, and two of them are available TODAY. No waiting around, you can order right now if you want to.

The two book properties are available through a rare Scholastic waiver that let’s me publish these books on my own. With so many new projects in the works for 2015 and 2016, there just wasn’t room to

publish more

w material they wouldn’t otherwise enjoy. David is my long time editor at Scholastic and he deserves thanks for pushing this through. Skeleton Creek books through Scholastic. Thanks to the gracious work done by David Levithan to free up this opportunity, Skeleton Creek fans have ne
Onto the projects!

For all those readers who have emailed me, asked me in person, and otherwise asked for a fifth book, it has arrived. THE PHANTOM ROOM picks up shortly after the fourth book comes to an end, but if you’re new to Skeleton Creek, this is a great place to start. The story is self contained, the room is definitely haunted, and the videos that accompany the book are chilling and fun. THE PHANTOM ROOM – enter if you dare!

Find the book in print form using this tiny URL, or ask for it by name through your favorite book seller – they can order for you and you can support your favorite bookstore:

Skeleton Creek 5: The Phantom

Room should also appear on your Kindle either today or tomorrow, if you prefer that reading experience.

Over the years I’ve had thousands of emails asking about the urban legend of Skeleton Creek. What parts are true? What parts are not? Through 150 pages and 20 all new videos, I’ll show you the answer. An absolute must for true Creekers, this book will change the way you think about the whole series. And for educators, this is a fantastic way to explore urban legends and unreliable narrators with your students. The book includes a study guide for students, teachers, and librarians, but really it’s for the fans. You’ll finally get the answer you seek: is Sk

eleton Creek Real?

Find out more and order the book here:

Or go directly to a purchase page:


The Skeleton Creek game is a total blast and rea

ders will love all the references to the story, the mechanics of the game, and the thrill of trying to find the ghost of Old Joe Bush and win the game. The game is card based and easy to learn, perfect for a bunch of friends or a library setting. There’s also an expansion pack with collectible cards. Did I mention that it’s a total blast to play? It is!

The game will be available within 30 days, but I’m not exactly sure what day. For now, you can pre-order and of course I’d love that. It was a long process creating a great game that feels like you’re in the world of Skeleton Creek, and I can’t wait to get it into readers hands.

Find the game here:

The expansion pack here:

During the next few days I’ll be posting more information on these projects including teaser videos and trailers.

Go Skeleton Creek fans! I’m really happy to keep the chills and thrills going. If this goes well, book 6 won’t be far behind. And that’s a promise.


  1. CC says:

    I love the skeleton creek series and I have for years. I really hope Patrick Carman writes a 6th book to end the series on a much better book. The phantom room was very weak and I miss the hardcover style

  2. Angel says:

    Skeleton Creek is the best book series that I have read. I love how the books have videos that make the books come alive.

  3. Barnold says:

    Pleassssss say that their is a 6th book soon

  4. Megan says:

    Please write a 6 book I love them they are my favorite books of all time pppppllllllleeeaaassseee

  5. Hi says:

    I love Skeleton Creek. It is awesome. Oh and by the way, DEAL WITH IT.

  6. Ellis Scoot says:

    I Love Skeleton Creek Books They Are So So good!! Please make a another one that is twice as scary as the Phantom room we are beging

  7. Moonclaw Suncaring says:

    OMG I CAN’T WAIT TO GET ALL THE BOOKS!!!! I’m in 5th grade and my teacher is reading Skeleton Creek to us! And every time we watch the videos (Mostly when I watch the videos) I feel like something is watching me! THE VIDEOS JUST SEND SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPIN I LOVE IT!!! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE ALL OF THEM!!!

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  9. Sofi says:

    Skeleton creck Washington the 4 best books in the histori on the worl

  10. damien says:

    I love this book and I will continue to read the series of books. I would like to thank him for keeping all of us posted about the events that are going to happen in the book and in your dreams about skeleton creek!!!!!!


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