The Intersect Podcast. This is happening!

Once in a while a day shows up in which a brand new journey begins. Like the day when we start writing that new book. Or the day we started work on a brand new everlasting Gobstopper. Or the day we start, from the first show, watching all 121 episodes of LOST.

Beginnings are exciting, and today marks the start of the Intersect Podcast, something my friend Jeremy Gonzalez and I have been cooking up for about a year. We LOVE every aspect of storytelling and every kind of story, and we’re especially interested in how stories evolve. The show points a wide angle lens at how stories are made, who makes them, and the formats people find them in.

Our guests are novelists, screenplay writers, teleplay writers, directors, producers, editors, agents, and managers who create or help create novels, picture books, comic books, animation, television, and movies.

And we don’t just scratch the surface. We’re curious guys having in depth, entertaining conversations with the people who make stories happen.

If you’re a creator of stories in any format, or a fan of books, TV and movies, this is where your tribe meets!

We start at the beginning – with the beloved picture book – and the extraordinary David Shannon.

Visit to listen, or search for Intersect Podcast in the iTunes store and download to your phone for free.

For the upcoming schedule of guests, click here.

Come on, let’s go!


P.S. If you like what you hear, pass it on – we dig that.


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