Students enjoying 3:15

Love this! A letter from a librarian:

Dear Mr. Carman,

I am a librarian who teaches library skills to 5th graders. I read aloud to them each week and am currently reading Mick Harte Was Here. I just couldn’t bring myself to read that the day before winter break so I told the kids I had a surprise for them. At first, they were irritated, but I told them that I just couldn’t handle the sadness right before we were leaving to have a good time for two weeks. Anyway, I pulled out my copy of 3:15 Season One and we watched, listened, and read a couple of the stories. Scared the crud out of a couple of the girls, but the success was obvious yesterday, our first day back.


My kids came running into class, “Mrs. Zorc, I brought that book and read all the stories!” ( To be honest, I had to wrack my brain to remember back that far!)  🙂   “Mrs. Zorc, I got the app for that 3:15 book.” …3 kids out of 24…not bad, huh? I just smiled. Then, of course, “You know, Mrs. Zorc, I had bad dreams because of that book.”  (She didn’t look all that traumatized!)  🙂


Anyway, just thought I would let you know that these are very good readers so it works on SO many levels! Thank you for this book!


I hope you have a very good 2012!


A fan!
Mrs. Zorc, NBCT
Daniel Wright Junior High School


Thanks Mrs. Zorc! If you want to reach us with your stories, questions or comments you can do so at


  1. suz says:

    when is season2 3:15 going to be available?

  2. Filip G. says:

    Its me, Filip!
    Do you remember me?
    3:15 is the best “Series” of stories that can get a little “creep” out of you! I reccomend this book so much!
    I remember reading Mick Harte Was Here with Mrs.Zorc! It was such a great book!


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