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I went to Meltdown Comics recently because I’ve always wanted to hang out there. It’s where Chris Hardwick does his Nerdist podcast , plus they offer comic book classes I want to take.  – Check out the Meltdown site and check out the classes they offer here (sounds fun, right? I’m so taking these classes)


I stopped by on a night when they were hosting one of their many events in the ghetto back room (holds about 100 folding chairs, concrete floor, low ceiling) – this one was called Star Dreck, which is a lot like Mystery Science Theater, only they make fun of bad Star Trek episodes. If you’re not familiar, MST is the original nerd comedy show where weird characters sat in front of a movie screen playing a horribly bad movie they’d make fun of. 
The guys started with some stand up banter at the start, then they rolled a couple of REALLY BAD Star Trek The Next Generation eps, truly awful, and made fun of them while they ran. All four guys were huge Star Trek fans, so they were sort of making fun of themselves.


The guys were, from left to right:


Matt Mirra – Cool guy, and the least known (maybe that’s why he was so cool!)


Tom Lennon – the most well known of the four panelists, and by for the most vulgar


Kumail Nanjiani – actually, kind of a snarky jerk, I thought. But I guess that’s his thing


Paul Scheer – Liked this guy a lot, very cool and laid back and funny


I love this about living in LA for a season – so much interesting creative stuff going on everywhere! I’m swimming in weird.


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