Patrick Carman’s Multimedia Stories in Wired Magazine

… The publishing industry appears to be embracing transmedia books as a method of franchise building. After Scholastic completed its ten-book run of The 39 Clues in August, the publishing company announced an additional six books to complement the initial run as the Cahill family faces off against the Vespers. Anthony Zuiker continued putting his protagonist Steve Dark in dangerous situations with Level 26: Dark Prophecy, and Patrick Carman’s PC Studios released an onslaught of multimedia content. This year marked the release of the third installment in Carman’s Skeleton Creek series of books, where Ryan McCray and Sarah Fincher provide a tag-team narrative consisting of the written word and video. Additionally, Carman launched the first book in his futuristic crime series Trackers. Smith and Tinker attempted to rival Carman’s frantic schedule, introducing both the Lost Souls book / board game and the Nanovor book / video game franchises.

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