Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! I’m doing a murder mystery party tonight and dressing up like the ghost of Old Joe Bush to hand out candy. I hope you’re doing something scary and fun. I’ve included a classic Halloween touring video for your enjoyment, and our team at the studio created a brand new Halloween scare video you can check out. To find the new video….

Visit: www.sarahfincher.com
Use the password: 103110

Turn up the volume. Turn down the lights. Get reeeeaaaaaal close to the monitor.


And here’s that classic costume video where I’m wandering inside Target looking for something to wear – that was fun.

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  1. Alex says:

    OMG you scared me to death I was like, Oh My Gosh! My brother said you did the same to him I am emailing this everywhere! I loved it!

    P.S. I got my bro to watch this and he jumped back in fear.


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