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Author Patrick Carman returns to his inventive and highly entertaining Skeleton Creek books with The Crossbones, the third in a continuing series of stories that mix reading and video clips with ghost and conspiracy stories. Back are Ryan and Sarah, and their friendship once again serves as the foundation for a much larger narrative — one that expands far beyond the borders of a small town called, Skeleton Creek. The results, much like Ryan’s Journal and Ghost In The Machine are plenty of fun and packed with mystery.

The strength of The Crossbones remains the friendship of Ryan and Sarah — whose relationship now faces the challenge of long distance. Carman does an excellent job of portraying both the frustration and joy people can have when waiting for, then receiving, a message from someone they care about. Ryan and Sarah have been reduced to text and email messages only — a result of Sarah having moved across the country to Boston — and while this dynamic is not unlike the previous stories, the geographical separation adds another layer of distance between them. To that end, Sarah’s exasperation at Ryan being unable to return her calls, or Ryan’s utter relief at finally getting an email from Sarah, really captures the dynamic of this kind of communication.

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  • Chase
    I love this book! The Skeleton Creek series was good, but this is better! Ready for a second one. ...

  • maritza
    love skeleton creek so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...

  • Anonymous
    Hi, I started to read this in sixth grade but never finished it and had to take it back the end of the year. Now its the ...