Skeleton Creek III: The Crossbones. This time, the danger is real

The third book in the Skeleton Creek multimedia series launches today! With 5 million videos watched and half a million books in print, I’m excited for readers as the story gets bigger, bolder, and scarier! Get ready for a haunted road trip full of hidden clues and ghostly sightings. Find Skeleton Creek III at your local bookstore or online.

Book Fair Highlight: Skeleton Creek 3
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And here’s a little secret for Skeleton Creek readers: Skeleton Creek, Book 4, will be out in the spring of 2011. The Raven awaits!


  1. neve rae says:

    this book is epic haha

  2. makinzie says:

    where do u find all the passes

  3. mikala says:

    your books are the best books i have ever read!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. javier says:

    anna r u single lol

  5. javier says:

    this book is like THE BEST LOL

  6. javier says:

    wow i read the book and its awsome

  7. Anna says:

    I loved these books more than twilight and percy jacson combined!!!!!! I couln’t stop reading! Anyway, Patric Carman, U ROCK!!! Jeez, my life would be soooo boring with out skeleton creek! I will devour number 4!!!

  8. mr funky says:

    wow that was a awsome book can,t wait for 4

  9. Maddie says:

    Way to give me the spook on book 3! haha :D. I got the book in the mail yesterday and I was reading till I finished it. It was awesome! Can’t wait for book 4! Do you have an idea at how many book you will have in the series until ur done? ( I thought book 2 was then end, I was relieved when I read the news on the crossbones! )

    • Alex says:

      Yeah, It’s like that, I was the same as you, except I read the Crossbones the Day it came out! PC rulz!

  10. alex says:

    when do the videos come out on itunes?

  11. Kendal says:

    Argh trying to watch last video! it wont work.. Anyway BEST SERIES EVER

  12. Layla says:

    I Am Trying to Watch the Last Video of ” The Crossbones ” But it Won’t Play on Sarah’s Website!! I Need to watch the LAST Video!!! And it Isn’t on Youtube!!! GONNA DIE!!

  13. Nathan says:

    Number four!? YES!!! I have just finished “The Crossbones” today and will eagerly be awaiting for the fourth installment this spring!

    • Anna says:

      SPRING?! Aw, crap……I can’t wait that long! But I know it takes a while to do this….and I’m happy it’s coming out at all. Patrick Carman, U ROCK for being the coolest person ever!

  14. Amanda says:

    “The Crossbones” was AMAZING!!! My sister and I, with four of our friends, all had a party for the release of this book in which we stayed up until four in the morning reading it aloud together and watching the videos! This book is so, so, so awesome (and scary)!!! We are all so excited for book four to come out! Thanks Patrick Carman!

    • PatrickCarman says:

      That’s a great story Amanda – thank you for throwing a Skeleton Creek party! Happy you enjoyed the book – – – – #4, The Raven, is going to be a wild ride, too. More soon. Patrick Carman

    • skullz says:

      Good Job amanda….

    • Amanda says:

      I love it how everything with the Crossbones is so much more complex than I first thought. I know that it’s all going to make perfect sense at the end of the series. I am so eager for The Raven! I know that it’s going to be extremely awesome, like all the other books in the series!


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