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  1. DSmith says:

    Patrick Carmen:
    I was wondering when The Crossbones is going to be added to the AR list so I can read it for school. My school librarian wasn’t very helpful 🙁

  2. Kiersten says:

    I have already finished the third book! I love this series. I can’t wait for the fourth book! I’m so excited!

  3. Brock says:

    I haven’t finished 13 Days yet, will there be more in the series?

  4. Alex says:

    Haha you posted this on my birthday! It’s kinda cool to see a video from your fav author on your birthday. I was excited to watch it.

  5. shelby ramirez says:

    i ahve read skeleton creek ghost in the machien, trackers ,39 clues (the one you wrote), and i am waiting for my dad or mom to get my the crossbones, and i have to get 13 days to midnight i have been wanting that book ever sience you told y school about it i have been waiting and waiting but they never have your books so i have to eather get them off of amazon or go to borders and get them your my favriot auther 🙂 i shan’t and can’t wait till i get all your books that you wrote 😀 love shelby your # 1 fan lol jk but i am a fan of your books but im propibly not your # 1 fan but im close to it never forget it 🙂

  6. shelby ramirez says:

    hi i rmeber last year when you were on wideo chat with ruth powell school and it wasn’t wanting to work and you asked your magic 8 ball if george if he will be a mad sinentice and it said no or yes but i can’t remeber 🙂 anyways i LOVE your books

  7. Kien says:

    I bought two of your books at Coles, Trackers and Ghost In The Machine. I love them! I’m actually currently reading the tenth book of the 39 clues and the books I bought from Coles. Plus, I’m juggling school with it. So it’s a bit crazy. I told a lot of my friends about Skeleton Creek and convinced them to start reading :D. I’m also really excited for Trackers 2! Lastly, I’m going to start reading Atherton as well. You’re my favourite author and I hope to write my own books too.

    • PatrickCarman says:

      Thanks Kien! Keep juggling – you’re young, you can handle it. I appreciate you reading my books – makes my day. Patrick Carman

    • shelby ramirez says:

      i read trackers its a great book if you don’t have it and you get it you will love it the vids are great too adoms really really cute too well to me he is anyways


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