Web Hosting Upgrade

We have completed the process of upgrading our web hosting in order to support the high amount of traffic to www.sarahfincher.com and www.trackersbook.com. Some of our visitors have reported problems getting the Skeleton Creek videos to play. That should all be running smoothly since we have made the transition to better web servers.

Thanks for being such great fans of Patrick’s books and watching so many videos.

– Josh
PC Studio Webmaster


  1. Donna Cox says:

    We really loved Skeleton Creek #1. Reading #2, Ghost in the Machine, and having difficulty making the links to the videos work. Any clue as to what we may be doing wrong. We’ve had to put the book down until we fix the technical gliche, which is a real disappointment. Thanks!

    • PatrickCarman says:

      Hi Donna – could you try again and let me know how it goes? We just completed a server upgrade that should fix the problem. Traffic has been huge lately! PC


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