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Prolific middle-grade author Patrick Carman is famous for The Land of Elyon series and last year’s techno ghost story, Skeleton Creek. Now he’s back with another print/internet hybrid tale called Trackers. It’s the story of a group of tech savvy kids that get in over their heads when they start tracking a high-profile cyber criminal.

The team prides themselves on being trackers — able to find anyone or anything, online or in the real world. Adam, the leader, is a computer genius with a photographic memory. Lewis, the analyzer, is the cautious one who keeps the rest in check. Emily is the levelheaded one with nerves of steel. Finn is the brave and occasionally impetuous one. The actors recruited for these roles are engaging and likeable. The actor playing Finn does a particularly good job.

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  1. Paulette says:

    Thanks for featuring this! I just requested a copy of Skeleton Creek: Investigations from the good people at Scholastic. I’m looking forward to seeing how Ryan and Sarah have evolved.


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