39 Clues Cover and Puzzle Releases

This just in from Scholastic – what a gorgeous cover for book 8 in the 39 Clues series! Gordon Korman is a super guy and an amazing writer – and now he has one of the coolest covers in the 39 Clues collection. Lucky! (insert Napoleon Dynamite voice when saying Lucky). Check out my 39 Clues, The Black Circle, by clicking here: www.patrickcarman.com/books/the-39-clues

And read on for an important message from Scholastic about book 8….
39 Clues Book 8: The Emperor’s Code cover art released today. It’s our sneakiest cover yet, as we hid four messages in the artwork, which all point to the location of the Book 8 Clue. Kids who find these messages can visit www.the39Clues.com/theemperorscode to enter in their guesses. If they get three of the four right, they get a sneak peek at a page from the book that has a big hint to the next Clue. (They’ll have enough information to figure out the Clue location if they do a little research.)

Congratulations to Peter on the fantastic release of Book 7, and to Gordon on the upcoming release of Book 8, which will hit stores April 6th!

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