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About once a month I like to go back through my photos and post a random collection of images. These don’t have anything to do with one another. They’re just photos that, for whatever reason, I think readers might want to see and comment on. This collection has 7 images. The descriptions are included with each photo so you’ll know what they are. Back to writing….PC

This one is the cover for Skeleton Creek in the UK, which I’m pretty sure I’ve shared before. It’s so different from the US version I can hardly believe it. According to this cover, blood will be spilled. Or Kool-Aide.

This is a picture of a favorite fly fishing spot in Montana. I can’t tell you where it is, because it’s full of big fish. I don’t want anyone else catching (and releasing) them. Me no like to share.

The story behind this picture is pretty simple: there’s not a lot of traffic in Walla Walla on a Sunday afternoon. We were taking a bunch of other shots and someone said ‘go sit in the street, see if anyone notices.’ No one noticed.

This is me before going on the Martha Stewart show. It’s the hallway that leads to the green room. Looking back, that was a really long day. Many hours of preparation for eight minutes on air.

We have a glass blowing studio at our house, where my daughter and I love to hang out. This is me melting glass. Stay tuned for future photos of glass work!

I was out fishing for steelhead about a half hour from my house last week. No one was with me, so I had to hook this fish, set up the camera on a rock, set the timer, push the button, pick up the fish, and take the picture. I can’t believe it worked. About a minute later I had the fish unhooked and back with his pals.

This is a piece of concept art my friend Squire Broel made for me for a future project. That’s all I can say. A future blog entry will showcase the many things Squire has done on my projects over the years. Stay tuned!


  1. Amazing books! I read the 1st Skeleton Creek one in 2 days! I really want to submit soemthing to get an audition in. I’M gonna!

  2. Emily says:

    Im really wondering about that last pic. I wonder what its for. Hmmm….. Squire is a fantastic artist! He did an awesome job on the Atherton series. :p

  3. Maddie says:

    I am you number one fan because I love the skeliton Creek books they are amazing. Are you going to write anymore?


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