You Tube, Facebook, and other points of connection

At the dawn of a new decade there are a lot of ways to stay connected. When I was a kid, we picked up the phone or rode our bikes down the block, but that’s so 1975. I can do better!

Here are just a few of the ways you can stay in touch with me. I admit it seems like more ways than anyone would want to stay in touch with me, but just in case the need arises….


All the video blog entries get posted in my youtube channel, plus other random stuff. In the latest episode, which I just posted, I’m having pizza. I also show a better view of the Thirteen Days to Midnight cover, sign some bookplates, and talk with my friend Jeremy.


There are several people working over here (note to self: do a blog entry on the team). Jeremy is one of them and he maintains the Facebook fan site for me. There’s new stuff up there every day, so its a good place to connect. Plus a lot of people who read my books hang out there. We like these people. They are friendly.


I try to tweet at least twice a day, mostly about upcoming events, movies, books, video games, gadgets, and other stuff I’m into. When I’m on the road touring, I often post photos of the food I’m about to eat. I do this because I’m a foodie and I love to eat out. I live under the questionable assumption that people like to see plated food from cool restaurants. I also put touring photos on Twitter from the road, so it’s not always pictures of food. But it’s mostly pictures of food.


The other thing you can do is email me at and I’ll respond. This is starting to feel so 2008, but I’m still totally into it. Actually, answering email is a lot easier than answering snail mail.

Looking forward to staying in touch in 2010!


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