7 years is a long time

Launching a new website for my books and studio projects turned out to be a lot more work than I expected it to be. Hats off to Josh, my super amazing fantastic webmaster! The old sites had, like, a thousand parts and pieces in the form of videos, audio files, news stories, book pages, photos, and blog entries. And let me tell you, pulling the curtain back revealed an Armon the Giant size mess. Getting it all organized and ready for a new decade of readers was a monster challenge, and Josh slogged through two months of work getting here.

I’ll be focusing in on different areas of the site in future entries, but the main thing to say right up front is that the new site is designed to be more interactive (please comment and discuss!), more engaging (please look around!) and ever expanding (daily Tweets, weekly blog entries, lots of new videos, and the latest updates).

A few pages you might enjoy taking a peek at:

The cover for my first YA novel can be seen here, along with a note from my editor about the project

Enter the world of Elyon at an all new Elyon mini-site

Check out the virtual touring program if you’d like to have me visit your school

Thank you for reading, watching, and participating in the world of stories. With any luck at all, we won’t be designing a new site until 2017!


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