That’s a wrap!

Principle photography has finished for Patrick Carman’s upcoming tech thriller. All of the cast headed home last Saturday. Jeffrey and the crew are currently filming effects shots and scenes that don’t involve the cast. I uploaded a final video with a quick message from Patrick and some of the cast. It’s been a great month of shooting and everything stayed on schedule.

The back lot is only going to stay up for a little while longer. We are going to be taking it down until we get closet to the release of the tech thriller. This will allow us to focus more on projects that are close to release. Notably The 39 Clues and Ghost in the Machine.

While the Tech Thriller back lot lies dormant we’ll be putting together a Haunted Back Lot for Ghost in the Machine. It’s going to be full of cast and crew interviews and production stills. I’m looking forward to getting all of the assets from the project together and releasing them for your enjoyment.

Watch the last back lot video: That’s a wrap!

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