39 Clues Video Tour

Patrick’s 39 Clues tour was a blast and you can come along with him. While promoting “The Black Circle”, author Patrick Carman brought along a camera and filmed some fun videos of him on the road and at the book signings.

Watch the video series and enjoy the photo gallery at The 39 Clues Video Tour.

Also, if you haven’t already discovered it, we have decided not to remove the Tech Thriller Back Lot. We are keeping all of the videos and photos online with the new Haunted Back Lot.

Now back to editing more haunted videos!

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  1. maxwell says:

    The 39 Clues chat was very…unexciting. They should have had people submit questions before the chat so that there weren’t 220+ questions being reviewed. Some people got comments put in seconds after Pat said something, while everything else was “being reviewed” for the whole hour.


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