Welcome to PC Studio’s new blog. My name is Joshua Pease and I’m the webmaster here at enterpcstudio.com.

I have been working for Patrick Carman as a web designer for a few years. You may recognize my name from the back of Skeleton Creek. I was responsible for creating Sarah Fincher’s website and I also worked on the illustrations for Ryan’s Journal. I am also a member of Portfolio Days, the band that provided the soundtrack for Skeleton Creek.

The Purpose for this blog is to keep you updated with new features and places to explore at enterpcstudio.com as well as with cool news about vBooks. Shooting is about to begin for the Tech Thriller and I’ll be bringing you updates from the set so you can see what’s going on behind the scenes.

Because the cast is just begining to arrive today, we pushed the opening date for the Back Lot to Monday, July 6th. Once the cast and crew start creating vLogs I’ll be posting them in the Back Lot and I’ll be keeping you updated here at the blog.

If you have any questions or any ideas for features at enterpcstudio.com feel free to speak up in the comments section. I’ll try to answer any questions with a blog post about the topic.


  1. Deanna Skogen says:

    Hi Joshua,

    We are trying to reach Patrick Carmen’s agent but the number is disconnected. Do you have this connact information you can share with us? Thank you!

  2. PatrickCarman says:

    Hi everyone, and welcome to Josh’s blog. I’ve been working with Josh for a few years and he really has the pulse of what’s going on around the studio from a day to day basis. Plus, being our awesome webmaster / designer, he’s also online pretty much all the time. Please feel free to ask him questions, make suggestions, and keep the conversation going. We want to build a vibrant, relevant community of book and movie lovers. I’ll be doing guest posts, as will JT (Jeffrey Townsend), actors, and others. But Josh is your guy – his blog is for you, and he knows all! …or, if he doesn’t he knows how to get to the answer. Thank you for participating. Action!

  3. madison9 says:

    wow thanks for the blog section it is really cool ! well cant wait till the back lot opens!


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