Updates from the set

There’s some new updates from behind the scenes here at PC Studio. In the production photos section of the back lot there’s two new galleries. One is from a fair in Oregon and the other is of a scene that takes place in a cafe. These galleries really show the wide variety of locations that are going to be in this upcoming project.


The two latest videos in the back lot are of James (Adam) in a scene that involves a remote controlled helicopter and a collection of clips from the fair shoot. Have a great time exploring what the cast and crew has been up to.

Adam on the Roof

On Set at the Fair

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  1. maxwell says:

    Hey Josh–can you ask Patrick about the superhero novel? (He mentioned the name but I don’t know if he wants it spread around.) When will we see a cover? How long is it? And is he going to write the mystery project? He said he wasn’t doing the comedy, but he never mentioned the mystery… Thanks!


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