The Future of Elyon

elyon_logoQuestion from libraloco: Hey Josh. Awesome job with all the websites. I was wondering if you could ask Patrick about the future of The Land of Elyon series. Has anything about the new trilogy been decided? Thanks a ton!

Answer: I asked Pat about what’s coming up for the future of The Land of Elyon. Here’s his reply.

Right now we’re talking with the publisher about more Elyon books, and we remain hopeful about an Elyon movie in CGI. The film rights have been with an animation company for over a year, where a script and characters are in development. It costs about 90 million to make a really good CGI movie, so raising money has been a challenge in these tough economic times. Progress is being made! Also, I have an ambitious superhero novel coming out in the spring of 2010 – stay tuned!

Ask Josh!

I’m hoping that you all will ask a lot of questions  and that answering them will become a weekly part of this blog. I’ll do my best to answer as many of them as I can. Start firing away in the comments and let us know what you want to know.


  1. MaksimMironov says:

    Hi Josh, in what stage of production is the Comedy Project? And how long after the release of the Tech Thriller will the Comedy Project be released?

  2. libraloco says:

    Wow, Josh. Thanks for the speedy reply to that. I emailed him awhile back and he replied saying that the superhero novel is “super-size”. What is he basing that off of? Can he be more specific (like 500 pages, 400 pages)? Thanks again!


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