The Beginning

Things are starting to get into full swing. All of the actors have arrived and the crew is getting sets ready. Principle photography begins this Monday and the Back Lot will be going live then too.

This morning the cast did a script reading together and got to know each other as well as the characters and story. There was a lunchtime meeting with the entire cast and crew. Everyone got to meet each other. Jeffrey Townsend and some of the crew gave a rundown of how shooting would work on the project and let the actors and actresses know what to expect on set.

I was able to walk out of the lunch meeting with two extra sandwiches, but Patrick took Urijah (Finn) to the local skateboard shop to get a deck. I think I would have preferred the skateboard.



  1. DanTheMan says:

    Well, you all will certainly do excellent as a team, a community role as cast and crew, together! Good luck one and all!

  2. PatrickCarman says:

    That’s where those sandwiches went!


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