The back lot is open.

The Back Lot has gone live. The cast & crew are beginning to update their twitter feeds and there are three new videos. Another set of Back Lot features that has yet to be activated are production stills and videos. Expect that part of the back lot to go live soon.

Check out Patrick Carman’s welcome to the blog as well as vBlogs of the cast going wardrobe shopping and the 4th of July BBQ.


  1. joshp says:

    @madison9 & @caithohs

    I don’t know specifics yet about Pat’s next project. I do know that it’s a vBook type project and that it’s in the early stages of being pitched publishers. I’ll talk to Pat and hopefully get some more information for you. I’ll make a blog post this Friday to answer yours and the other commenters questions.

  2. madison9 says:

    wow the back lot looks great! i hope all of you actors are enjoying washington! well thanks for keeping us updated everyone.and josh, caithohs had a very good question about any future vbooks. i sorta had the same question 🙂 any info you could give would be great!


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