Q&A Day #1

questionI collected some of your questions over the week and sent them in to Pat. Here is his official response.

Q: Do you know when any new news is coming for Ghost in the Machine? – DanTheMan
A: The Ghost in the Machine promotional engine should kick in right after the 39 Clues book comes out (www.39clues.com). Also keep an eye out for a world premier of the first video from Ghost at www.enterpcstudio.com, probably a month before the book comes out…so that would be…early September. And always keep an eye on the studio site – we’ll be talking about Ghost a lot more once we’re out of production. I have a feeling some giveaways are right around the corner. Watch the countdown clock for posters and t-shirts you can win, coming very soon.
Q: In what stage of production is the Comedy Project? And how long after the release of the Tech Thriller will the Comedy Project be released? – MaksimMironov
A: The comedy is going to be amazing and hilarious. News flash: I’m not writing it. I’ve written the story outline and I’ll work on the filmed elements and scripts with JT, but the book is being penned by a bestselling author. Can’t say who just yet, but stay tuned….very soon! We’ll likely be shooting in the fall. It’s going to be SO much fun. We plan to bring lots of great authors to this format going forward, with PC Studio producing.
Q: Hey Josh–can you ask Patrick some questions about his writing? Can you ask him if he ever worries about not having enough time to finish his stories, and does he prefer handwriting 1st drafts or typing them? I want to be a writer and was hoping he could offer some tips. – maxwell
A: I handwrite a lot, but it tends to be more note taking in a journal than complete sentences. Find a video series I produced on writing here – http://tiny.cc/1LSwg
Q: Hey Josh does the vBook they’re shooting at the moment have a publisher yet? – snowleopard
A: The one we’re shooting now will be out from Scholastic in summer 2010 and fall 2010 – it’s two books. August 11th of this year is my www.39clues.com book, October 1st is Ghost in the Machine, and early 2010 is a superhero novel I’m very excited about. No multimedia, straight up book. Think Unbreakable meets Twilight and you’re getting close. I loved writing it.
Q: Is the new PC Project going to be filmed like Skeleton Creek? Or is it going to be like a real movie? Not made to look like it’s a video log or something. — zwfaucett
A: The new project will retain the first person shooting style, but there will be four different kinds of camera’s instead of one. Each character carries a mobile device that does different kind of shooting. Lots more going on this time around and a totally different kind of story and feel.
Q: Is the next book also going to be a v book? will there be auditions for that? When? – caitohs
A: We have three projects in pre-production, which basically means they’re being written and planned out. My best guess is we’ll be doing another open casting call in late 2009, but I’m not sure.

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