Patrick Carman & The 39 Clues

As some of you may know, Patrick Carman is writing the book 5 in The 39 Clues series. There are some video interviews Pat recently filmed up at the 39 Clues website. They’re presented in a pretty cool way. It is set in the fictional 39 Clues universe and involves a news anchor tracking down the location of Amy and Dan, the main characters in the story. 

Watch the videos here:

Find out more about The 39 Clues here:

Back Lot Update

I uploaded another photo gallery today. The pictures are from our first set location, a luxury hotel room! This Friday through Sunday we are filming scenes that take place at a fair. It should make for some cool back lot updates. We’ll keep the cast busy filming vLogs and writing tweets. Expect a big update when they get back this Monday.

Production Photos:

Q & A Day

I’ve decided that Fridays will be question and answer day. I’ll collect questions that you’ve asked in the comments and write up a post to answer them in detail. Keep all of your great questions coming.

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