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sccoverIf you’re new to the site, not quite sure what vBooks are, or if you just want some quick history about PC Studio, this is the blog post to read.

It all starts with Skeleton Creek, is the first story in a 2 part series by Patrick Carman. It is Pat’s first story to combine both online video and a book into a fluid experience where book and video both rely on each other to tell the complete story. The book was released February 2009 and the vBook format was born. Ghost in the Machine, the sequel to Skeleton Creek is coming out October 2009.

Patrick Carman’s second series of vBooks is a Tech Thriller story. Although the project name hasn’t been released yet, some of the crew members compare it to a “Cyber Goonies”. Online Casting was held for the roles in the project and 5 young actors were choses. Principal photography started July 6th. The back lot has just been launched at enterpcstudio.com as a place where you can follow the cast and crew throughout the entire filmmaking process.

The purpose of this website is to keep you up to date and informed about what’s going on in the world of vBooks. PC Studio has several vBook projects in development and the entertainment industry as a whole is starting to create more projects that combine many different mediums into a complete story.

Here’s some interesting links for further exploration.

Official Skeleton Creek Sitewww.enterskeletoncreek.com

Skeleton Creek Press Roomwww.patrickcarman.com/skeletoncreek

Interview with Patrick Carmanwww.patrickcarman.com/skeletoncreek/01_text.html

The Sumpter Valley Gold Dredgewww.friendsofthedredge.com/


  1. libraloco says:

    It looks like different blogs that have featured Skeleton Creek at one point or another.

    Hey, Josh–I have another question (in addition to my other two below). How much money does it cost to make a vBook project, and (I hope this isn’t too personal) how much money is earned? To rephrase that: How much did it cost to make Skeleton Creek, and how much have you earned from selling it?

  2. joshp says:

    The Twitter page is depreciated and won’t be on the site much longer now that the Back Lot has taken it’s place.
    The blog list on the bottom right is a list of blogs that have written reviews on Skeleton Creek or are related to Young Adult literature.

  3. snowleopard says:

    Oh and by the way what’s the blog list on the bottom right?

  4. snowleopard says:

    that blog post is perfect for new-comers, it explains pretty much everything you’d want to know if you were new. But what’s the blog list on the bottom right?


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