Guest Blog Post: Patrick Carman

ala_chicago_09_logo_smallI’ll be in Chicago this weekend at the American Library Association annual meeting. This is a very cool show and I get to speak a couple of times. If you’re not following me on Twitter, this would be a great time to jump in, because I’ll be Twittering from the floor at the show. Hundreds of bestselling authors will be there, and I’ll make sure to comment throughout the weekend as I bump into different writers and publishing personalities. I’ll also be attending the Newbery Awards banquet, where Neil Gaiman will be the keynote speaker as he accepts the Newbery Award for The Graveyard Book. If you’re interested in the book, you can actually watch the author read the entire thing through videos he created – it’s pretty cool:

To follow me on Twitter for the show, go here:

As I hit the road for a few days, I also want to mention the upcoming release of The Black Circle, book 5 in the 39 Clues series. The series has been wildly popular, with millions of readers worldwide, and I’ll be in New York in early August with all the writers of the series. The series has been optioned by Dreamworks. For more information, visit After that, Ghost in the Machine will release in early October. Keep an eye on the touring calendar if you’re interested in meeting up at a bookstore or an event, I’ll be all over the place:

Thanks to everyone for following along at the studio blog and the back lot. We’re working really hard to bring you what I think will be a very exciting cross-platform story.

I’ll start Twittering on my way to Chicago – your ALA traveling host signing off for now – Patrick Carman

Patrick Carman – Creative Director

Patrick Carman is the award winning writer of many bestselling books including the million selling Land of Elyon series, the Atherton series, the Elliot’s Park series, and the Skeleton Creek series.


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