Abby The Librarian reviews Skeleton Creek

I know my writing has changed in the past year. The two kinds of writing – the made-up scary stories and the documenting of events in Skeleton Creek – have slowly become one. I don’t have to make up stories any longer, because I’m more certain than ever that the very town I live in is haunted.

This is the truth.

And the truth, I’ve learned, can kill you.

Ryan needs to write things down. He needs to get the truth down on paper. On paper, maybe the horrifying events at the dredge won’t seem so scary. Except that they kind of do.

See, Ryan and his best friend Sarah were exploring the abandoned dredge when something happened. Ryan fell and shattered his leg. He fell… or something pushed him. Sarah got some of it on video and between Ryan’s recollections and Sarah’s videos, the two of them start putting together the awful truth about Skeleton Creek. They’ll uncover clues that lead to something more sinister than either of them could imagine. But can they get to the bottom of things before someone else gets hurt… or worse?

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