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  1. I am Merganzer Whippet……..I am real. You might know me. I live in Walla Walla, Washington. My daughter goes to school with Sierra. I’ve read Floors, the Dark Eden Series, the Skeleton Creek Series, and the Elliot’s Park Series. Good books. I hope you do well in the future……….and remember, Daisy is watching you…………
    -Merganzer Whippet

    • Hi Patrick Carman!!! I just finished Floors like, an hour ago. I am in grade school and I love this book! It is the best book I ever read!! My favorite floor is the Central Park Floor. I want to go on the Double Helix!! Mr. Carman, are you going to make another Floors book?? I hope you do! Thank you!! I also love 39 Clues, but Floors is my abosolute favorite! Mr. Carman, thank you for being so awesome! Bye!!
      -Megan Johnson


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