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  1. Anna says:

    You should make a fourth pulse book they are so amazing

  2. Jordan says:

    yo yo yo I have not even read the book, dis is so scary just looking at the videos bro!! my friend has the book, she told me to look up the websites and she also said they were soo scary she, was, so, right!!

  3. Jack Mahone says:

    Skeleton Creek is one one of my favorite book series. I will tell you why because I am on the third book, “The Crossbones”. Why it is my favorite series is because it keeps on getting more suspenseful through out the books. Another reason I love this series is because other horror books don’t have this type of quality and that type of quality is being realistic. It so realistic because Ryan McCray the main character is a 15 year old boy who has scary thoughts of what could be roaming in his room around him any time at night. Another reason why this is book is very realistic is because he is just the average boy who has a friend and tries to solve mysteries. Thank you Patrick Carman for making this wonderful series.

  4. Jade says:

    I love your books but they scary me half to death. I like to be scared is it true that the dredge is real. Is it really burned down. How far is it from Fort Erie. I want to go. Are the ghosts real in there?

  5. I’ve just started reading skeleton creek & I think it’s amazing i have always loved horror at a realy young age & although it wasn’t a spooky as I though I still loved the adventure i got from reading it. I’m looking forward to reading some more

  6. Cameron bingley says:

    You are my favorite writter when I started reading floors you change my hole point of life


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