A Night on the Dredge

For you iPhone and iPad users, a terrifying part of the Skeleton Creek story that you may not have seen before. Find out what really happened to The Apostle, the whole terrifying story in words and video, by searching the App Store using the keyword “dredge” — believe it or not, our creepy adventure is ready to creeping onto your phones! It’s part of the 3:15 series. One word of advice: you’ll want to leave the lights on for this one…


  1. Skeleton Creek Obsesser says:

    Oh my god I cant wait ! I read the entire series last summer and have been waiting for a new book ! Cant believe its finally here ! =)

  2. Cool! I love scary stuff. Can’t wait!


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  • Lately on my morning jogs I play the Rocky theme when I’m running out of gas. Also a bunch of kids are chasing me. https://t.co/rUAtIX2gqE 3 days ago
  • Fizzy fun is on the menu this Halloween season! Floozombies makes a great Oct. read, so says Harold Fuzzwonker.… twitter.com/i/web/status/7… 4 days ago

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    I want to do the 3:15 app with my students, but I can't get the iPhone app to configure with my class iPads. Is there a ...

  • Awesome
    amazing! ...

  • Awesome
    Love the series, one book left, not even out :( ...